Using Dropbox with WriteItNow 6

How to Save to DropBox

. Install Dropbox and set up a shared folder

On Windows

. Run WriteItNow and use File > Save As to save your current project or story to the Dropbox folder

Typically the Dropbox folder will be on drive C:

It will be in the users folder in your specifically named sub folder

E.g. \users\james\Dropbox

So in this case we'd need to find drive C: then the users folder then james then Dropbox

Tip Once you've used Save As once and set the folder you can just use File -> Save next time and the project will be saved to your Dropbox folder.

[1] Finding drive C:

finding drive c:

[2] Finding the Users folder on Drive C:

users folder

[3] Finding the named folder ('james' in this case)

named folder

[4] Finding the Dropbox folder under the Users specific folder

dropbox folder