How to Convert the WriteItNow 6 Demo to the Full Version

Entering codes

Install the free downloadable demo.

Buy unlock codes. These convert the demo to the full version. 

Select the Settings menu. 

Choose Unlock.

In the unlock window enter your name and codes. 

Click Unlock

If the codes are OK the unlocked message is shown.

If the codes don't seem to work:

  • Check the name and codes are exactly right.
  • The WriteItNow 6 codes work on Version 6 not Version 4 or 5. Check the version in the top left of the program.
  • Make sure you don't mistake 'B' for '8'  or  'S' for '5'
  • If you type the codes incorrectly 3 times you must exit and restart the program.

Unlock Window

Unlock codes


Unlock codes