Open WriteItNow 4 Stories

How to Open WriteItNow 4 Stories in 5 or 6

WriteItNow 5 and 6  stories have the same format so version 6 can open version 5 stories.

WriteItNow 4 stories end in .wnw E.g. example.wnw

. Select the File menu

. Select Open

. Find the folder with the WriteItNow 4 stories.

On Windows, by default, these will be on drive C: in the folder \writeitnow4

On a Mac, by default, these will be in the folder \Applications\writeitnow4

. Select a story to open and click Open.

WriteItNow 6 will open the story and change its extension to .wnwx

It will convert it to the WriteItNow 6 format and save it with the new name. E.g. example.wnwx

It will not change the original WriteItNow 4 story.

Opening 4 in 6

Prop editor


After WriteItNow 6 has converted the story to the new format use File -> Save As to save it somewhere more convenient such as c:\writeitnow6