It is essential you make backups of projects regularly. Hard drives can easily become damaged or fail. 

To backup you must copy project files from the hard drive to some external storage.

Making backups is discussed in more detail in the program help in the section Help -> Miscellaneous -> Backing Up

The PDF manual has a detailed description of backing up in Appendix C.

Copying files to a USB thumb drive on Windows

Copying files to a USB thumb drive on a Mac

What to Backup


On Windows press CTRL and E to show the Windows File Manager.

On OS X use Finder.

Each project you create in WriteItNow is saved in a single file. In WriteItNow 5 and 6 this file ends with '.wnwx' .

To back-up you need to copy each .wnwx file to a USB drive, cloud storage, CD/DVD or floppy.

Your computer may be set up so file extensions are not shown. If so you can recognize .wnwx files because they will have the Ravenshead logo. This is a black bird's head with a yellow beak..

Some backup software such as Carbonite must be configured to backup WriteItNow files. As a minimum make sure you tell it to back up all files ending in .wnw (WriteitNow 4) and .wnwx (WriteItNow 5 and WriteItNow 6).

Consult your backup program's help for details..

When to Backup

The project files are small. Backing these up every day makes a lot of sense.

Project files in Windows File Manager

Prop editor

It takes seconds to backup a project file.