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The latest versions are:  5.0.4e for PCs (Windows 7,8 and 10) and Macs with OS X 10.7 or higher.

Version Changes
Better picture export

Better tidy text

Story board improvements

Chapters, scenes and characters can specify a type.

Added help index.

See here for more details.
Chapter and scene summary can now start from a template

Storyline Editor now has filtering options

Character tools now include options to generate existing character  personality, description and history from add-on data.

See here for more details.
Small changes to export and story outline. See here for more details.
PCs and Macs
(May 2015)
New sections include `Front Matter' and `Back Matter', which can be used to add an introduction, prologue, epilogue, etc.
ePub export for creating e-books. Quickly create eBooks in ePub format.
Microsoft Word export. Export a project as a Microsoft Word document.
New PDF Manual

Use the storyline editor to keep track of who does what, where, and when.

The scene and chapter sections now have a summary editor for recording a summary plus details of the characters, locations, events, and props.
The editor now includes colored text and background, strike through, subscript, and superscript.
Text Compare shows the differences between the current text and earlier versions that have been saved as snapshots.
Use critiques to find cliches, repeated words, etc.
Print and Print Preview
The writing targets can be shown at the bottom of the screen.
A picture can be added to each event, location, note, idea and prop.
Links to pictures can now be added anywhere in the text.
Record how complete each part of the book is using completion status

 + many more changes.
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