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Writers At Work

To give other writers a realistic idea of what writers really do, Ravenshead has been interviewing selected writers. The interviews provide other writers with help and inspiration and an insight into how real writers work. Each interview has in common a set of open questions. The surprising thing about the interviews is how different each writer's replies are. The one thing all have in common is a passion for writing.

An Interview with Robert Bidinotto

This is the sixteenth in Ravenshead's series of interviews with writers. Robert Bidinotto

Robert Bidinotto is a widely published, award-winning investigative journalist, magazine editor, and nonfiction author. He recently started the 'Hunter' series of novels and judging by the Amazon response (60+ reviews with a 5-star average) this is going to be very successful.

He runs a blog which concentrates on writing thrillers here

Ravenshead (RH) interviewed Robert Bidinotto (RB) and the interview is reproduced here:

An Interview with Annabel Joseph

This is the fifteenth in Ravenshead's series of interviews with writers.

Annabel Joseph Annabel Joseph is the author of numerous romantic erotic or 'romantica' novels. These deal with adult themes. She writes two or three novels each year.  

Her web-site is here.  She is currently working on two novels.  The first: 'Firebird' comes out on June 15th at Loose Id. The second book is called 'Deep In The Woods'. This will be published by Ellora's Cave which has a planned release in the fall.

Ravenshead (RH) interviewed Annabel Joseph (AJ) in March 2010 and the interview is reproduced here:

An Interview with Lorraine Cobcroft

Author Lorraine Cobcroft This is the fourteenth in Ravenshead's series of interviews with writers.

Lorraine Cobcroft is the author of Melanie's Easter Gift and has ghost-written dozens of books. In this interview she discusses her life as a writer and gives an insight into the unusual profession of ghost-writing.

Lorraine is currently working on what promises to be an enthralling account of her husband's traumatic childhood under the child welfare system of the 1950s.

Ravenshead (RH) interviewed Lorraine Cobcroft (LC) in February 2010 and the interview is reproduced here:  

An Interview with J R Lankford

This is the thirteenth in Ravenshead's series of interviews with writers.

J R Lankford is the author of the critically acclaimed and commercially successful novel The Jesus Thief. This is a meticulously researched, beautifully written thriller with nearly 50 reviews on Amazon. This incidentally, is the interviewer's favourite new novel of the past year. A sequel called The Secret Madonna is now available in paperback and Kindle format and book 3, The Sacred Imposter will be out soon.

One of J R Lankford's other roles is as the founder and driving force behind the web-site Novel Pro. This is a site where experienced authors help one another.

J R Lankford's web-site is here.

Ravenshead (RH) interviewed J R Lankford (JRL)  and the interview is reproduced here

An Interview with Michael LaRocca

This is the twelfth in Ravenshead's series of interviews with writers.

Michael LaRocca is someone who doesn't stand still for long. In his varied career he has lived in North Carolina, Hong Kong, China and Thailand. His jobs range from pig farmer to military electronics specialist. In recent years he's settled down a bit, as a teacher, editor, proof-reader and writer. His early writing talent was obvious and in 1982 (at 16) he was featured in Who's Who in American Writing.

Ravenshead (RH) interviewed Michael LaRocca (MLR) and the interview is reproduced here

An Interview with David Brewerton

David Brewerton was born in London and still lives there working as a freelance author and journalist.

While writing for the Independent he was the driving force behind the investigation of the Guinness Affair which led to the jailing of several prominent businessmen.

His first full length novel, Impeccable Sources, has just been published and is based on his long experience of investigative stories.

Read the full interview here.

An Interview with JoAnn Ross

In this interview we talk to JoAnn Ross

Most writers dream of having one book published. Author JoAnn Ross is about to have her 100th published! JoAnn has regularly been in the New York Times best-seller lists and two of her novels have been excerpted in Cosmopolitan magazine.

Her web-site is a "must visit" site for writers and has interesting background about her books and career plus some great research links and detailed articles full of hints and writing advice.

JoAnn was Born in Santa Monica and grew up in Oregon's ranching country and is now blissfully settled in the foothills of Tennessee's Great Smoky Mountains.

Read the full interview here.

An Interview with Juan Gomez Jurado

In this interview we talk to Juan Gomez Jurado

With his first book Juan Gomez-Jurado has deservedly jumped to the top of the best-seller charts. God's Spy is a gripping, imaginative page-turner which combines the best of 'The Da Vinci Code', 'The Name of The Rose' and 'Silence of the Lambs'. This really is a book everyone should read. It has been translated into 27 languages and would make a superb film. Juan Gomez-Jurado also has the modern accolade of a detailed entry on Wikipedia

Juan worked as a journalist and corporate boss, but with the success of God's Spy he has taken up writing full-time. He is currently working on a new novel which is set in the Middle East.

Read the interview here.

An Interview with Stewart Ferris

In this interview we talk to Stewart Ferris

Stewart Ferris is the author of over 40 books, including the 5-star rated The Key to The da Vinci Code and How to be a Writer. There are free samples of each on Stewart's web-site. He's also written for television, film, radio and stage, and runs his own publishing company with an annual output of 70 new books, dozens of DVDs, eBooks and audiobooks.

When not writing or publishing, he can be found pounding the streets in preparation for this year's New York marathon, which will be his first attempt at running for anything longer than a bus.

Stewart's web site is well worth visiting and has some great free downloads including a movie formula and a character questionnaire.

He is currently working on a DVD adaptation of How to be a Writer.

For some very practical and useful advice on getting published read the interview here.

An Interview with Cheryl Wright

In this interview we talk to Cheryl Wright

Cheryl is a hard-working and enthusiastic Australian writer who was born in Victoria but now lives and works in Melbourne. She runs the Writer2Writer web site and is romance editor for QPN Press and has her own site.

She is currently working on 'Winter Sabbatical' which will be released in November (2007) by Black Velvet Seductions, a novel called 'Arms of a Stranger' and a fantasy romance anthology.

Cheryl has written numerous books and has received many awards.

Many authors describe writing as 'a life-saver'. Read the interview here to find out how this really is true for Cheryl.

An Interview with Pauline Edward

In this interview we talk to Pauline Edward

Pauline Edward is a Canadian writer who was born in Alma, a small town in Quebec, and now lives in Montreal in Quebec. She is an astrologer, numerologist, author and speaker.

She has published Astrological Crosses in Relationships and "The Power of Time - Understanding the Cycles of Your Life's Path" has just been released.

Details of Pauline's award winning consulting business can be found on her bi-lingual web-site A Time For Success.

Read the interview here.

An Interview with Juliet E McKenna

In this interview we talk to Juliet E McKenna

Juliet is a fantasy author. She has a web site, is one of The Write Fantastic authors and writes a regular blog.

She has already published nine novels with Orbit. Fans will be pleased to hear that 'Eastern Tide' is published by Orbit on 5th October. This is the final volume of The Aldabreshin Compass sequence that began with Southern Fire.

Read the interview here.

An Interview with Gary Entsminger

Read the fourth in Ravenshead's series of interviews with writers. Gary Entsminger is an eclectic writer with an enthusiasm for both arts and science. He's written book reviews, poetry, technical papers, technical books, and novels.

He's also an accomplished guitarist and mandolinist and can be seen and heard at The Musician's Corner and his web-site. If you've ever thought about working for yourself and make a living from writing, then read this.

An Interview with David O'Sullivan

This is the third in Ravenshead's series of interviews with writers. David O'Sullivan is native Irish and has been in the Twin Cities for 20 years. He has appeared at Lakeshore Players and Na Fianna Irish Theatre and has had plays produced in Chicago, Rockford, and the Twin Cities. Details of his work can be found on his web-site. This includes the short play "Mr Smottle Acquires a Smaller Hat" and the cyclical play "The Bridge Party". The latter has yet to be produced and anyone interested should contact David via his web-site.

If you want to know David's Golden Rule of writing and get an insight into the craft of writing for the stage then read this.

Budding playwrights will find David's "Re-write Checklist" very useful.

Read the interview here.

An Interview with Strephon Kaplan-Williams

This is the second in Ravenshead's series of interviews with writers. We asked very similar questions to those we put to John Rymell in May and got very different answers. Strephon Kaplan-Williams is a long established writer and examples of his work can be seen in the Jungian-Senoi Dreamwork Manual and in his innovative and very successful Dream Cards.

He currently produces a regular podcast and runs a fascinating Dreamwork web-site.

Read the interview here.

An Interview with John Rymell

This is the first interview and a very interesting start to our series. John is both editor and contributing writer for the Muncy Station Review, a bi-monthly anthology magazine. He has been a winner in the National Novel Writing Month contest. He has published the first novel of a trilogy Adjudicator which has received a 5-star review on Amazon.com and he's busy working on the second and third volumes.

Read the interview here.

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