Changes from 503g to 504e

The latest versions are:  5.0.4e for PCs (Windows 7,8 and 10) and Macs with OS X 10.7 or higher.


  • Relationships chart has larger icon option
  • Better use of space when exporting pictures
  • Export now takes account of  margins when a picture is large
  • Tidy text handles paragraph alignment settings
  • Changed export page size text from "Select Page Size" to "Set A Custom Page Size"
  • Added a small indicator to show selected tab. This is switched on by Settings -> Appearance-> Tabs -> Highlight Selected Tab
  • On export paragraphs are separated by paragraph mark rather than line feed
  • Better tidy text
  • Improved background spell checking
  • Improved interface for padding critique
  • Cards on story board more like 5x3 index cards
  • Story board remembers zoom setting
  • Option to set/hide colored titles on story board
  • New events now use story date not current date
  • Menu shortcuts or File Save, File Save As, New Project and Book Outline now work anywhere
  • Chapters, scenes and characters can specifiy a type. This can be shown on the tree and new types can be added
  • The Unicode character picker now shows characters using the currently selected screen font
  • Added help index

Bug Fix

  • Fixed relationship chart bug with number of levels shown
  • Fixed bug where justified formatting is forgotten by editor
  • Fixed bug where picture link at start of line is lost on export if 'Change Paragraph Indents' is selected on Tidy Text
  • Fixed export bug where tidy text setting could affect underline
  • Fixed export bug when paragraphs set to justified
  • Background spell check indicator position fixed for 1.5 and double line spacing
  • Cursor at correct position after text paste
  • Cursor position remembered for each tab
  • Fixed tidy text bug with remove duplicate spaces
  • Fixed bug with link insertion when text selected
  • Fixed bug when completion value = 100 for story outline
  • Fixed bug when opening project with illegal XML sequence
  • Fixed bug where synonym replace failed
  • Fixed OS X picture copying bug
  • Fixed bug when switching projects and chapter selected
  • Changed dialog shown on OS X when changing spell checker dictionary